Fall Winterization

Preparing your property for Winter.

GreenTurf Irrigation Systems

GREENTURF is a full-service irrigation company. This means we can tackle every commercial irrigation need your business requires. Winterizing your system is vital to its overall maintenance.

Eliminating water from the pipes, valves and heads is essential before freezing occurs. A proper blow out is essential for the protection of your system. A shop compressor will not do the job needed to successfully clear your lines with the proper protection. That could in fact damage your system significantly.

To protect your investment, it must be done correctly. We winterize hundreds of systems every year and we guarantee our work.

Our Winterization Techniques include:

Compressed Air Blow-out Method

This method is what we specialize in! Due to the risk or damaging pipes and the danger to your care, our highly trained experts do this job with ease for you. This method use compressed air to clear water from all valves and pipes making it the most accurate and best way to winterize.

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