SMART Irrigation

Evolving your systems to be more efficient in the age of technology.

GreenTurf Irrigation Systems

GREENTURF is a full-service irrigation company. This means we can tackle every commercial irrigation need your business requires. Making sure every aspect is as efficient as possible, is our goal.

Even though your area may not be calling for drought, water is still in high demand with our growing population and will only continue to get worse. Water efficiency is becoming more and more essential everyday and never has the need for Smart Technology been greater.

Stop guessing. Start saving.

With our specialized controllers and sensors, your irrigation system collects all the data and does the work for you. You no longer have to guess when your lawn and gardens need watering. Your system will avoid over watering by monitoring temperature, calculating water evaporation in your soil, and will properly provide water as your property requires the nourishment.

Make it Right for You.

When designing and installing an irrigation system that works for you, overtime you may notice some areas lacking coverage. We will return to tweak your system so that every inch of your property is covered correctly, ensuring nourishment to all of your lawn and plants.

With your irrigation system doing the work for you, it runs extremely efficient, saving you time, energy, and money in return. With our SMART irrigation systems, everything can be at the touch of your finger. Or, completely out of your hands, and we can control your system for you.

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