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Landscape Illumination

Let us brighten your World. By illuminating your property, you will portray professionalism and a warm welcome to your customers.

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Our experts can create a landscaping masterpiece using many different techniques. The possibilities are endless when using just one technique or combining them.

Lighting Objectives

Taking your needs and budget into consideration, the scope of the system can vary greatly.

During the planning stage we will discuss what your objectives would be. Perhaps you are looking for a simple lit pathway to welcome guests to your lobby, we can easily accommodate those needs. Or you may be seeking moon lighting to cover large areas, connecting your other lighting features, needing a more detailed plan. We can help you there too.

A Nightscape designer would walk your property, and think about a visual composition of the entire scene. Take note of what is beautiful and distinctive about your office building and recognize features of the landscape and structures. Focal points and where the viewer’s attention should be directed is also determined.

Creating a scene that satisfies your objectives is the most important step.

Night Landscaping Services

Landscape Lighting Techniques and Services

Using specialized low-voltage lighting techniques, our experts will create a rich, visual masterpiece of your property.

Up Lighting

Highlight a tree or other feature, to provide a dramatic effect, especially with flowering or specimen plant material.

Up Lighting

Provide soft natural lighting over large areas, serve as an ideal transition connecting different lighting scenes and eliminate black holes. Fixtures are mounted in trees about 25 feet high and directed down to create an incredible effect.

Cross Lighting

Use two lights to define a surface texture of a focal point instead of flattening when using a single light.

Niche and Deck Lighting

Illuminate areas such as decks, entrance ways, and gazebos where the fixture is attached to the structure.

Step Lighting

Illuminate steps on decks, walkways etc.

Path and Area Lighting

Light planting beds and paths. Staggered path light placement allows the eye to easily flow through a scene.


Provide a steeply angled light to accentuate texture on walls and tree trunks by utilizing the irregular surface to create broken shadows and irregular patterns.


Provide a lit surface that acts as a backdrop for unlit plant material or other features. Produce dramatic effects.

Wall Washing or Architectural Lighting

Provide a broad, even illumination on walls.


Provide illumination around the edges of an object, thereby emphasizing its shape.


Create interesting shadows on walls. Visual interest is achieved by casting light onto an object or plant in front of a wall or structure. Houses with siding are best for shadowing to break up the linear patterns.

“Really great and knowledgeable. Really top-notch — the team was great. We are very satisfied with the system and the team we dealt with. Great service.”

— Brian – Toronto

“The lighting makes all the difference now. It looks amazing!”

— Steve B – Brooklin

“You just can’t describe in words or a picture how much lighting adds to the beauty of the water feature as the light dances around with the movement of the water”

— Martin W

“It has created our own getaway in the backyard”

— The Fillinghams – Pickering

“I figure I am saving $40.00 per month keeping my house potlights off and just using the low voltage lighting.”

— Mr Soumbas – Whitby

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