Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Greeting your clients with brightness.

Nightscape Lighting Systems

NIGHTSCAPE is a full-service landscape lighting company. This means we can tackle every commercial outdoor lighting need your business requires. Providing low voltage landscape lighting is something we are proud of as it offers an array of beautiful lighting options.

Landscape lighting enhances the appeal of your property, providing a professional appearance and a welcoming glow. With a good lighting design, you can have your business portray different messages, whether it be bold, playful, or soft.

Our lighting solutions are efficient, offering exquisite designs that cater to your specific needs. Our highly skilled team of experts will work with you to create a plan that works best for your brand and property, while maintaining everything so you have peace of mind.

Landscape Lighting Objectives

Security from theft and trespassing is a primary concern for all business owners. While a lot of businesses address this issue with high voltage flood lights, we believe a better choice is strategically placed low voltage lights that provide low levels of illumination evenly around the property. This avoids the problem of glaring lights that leave unseen areas in the shadows.

Low voltage lighting is an ideal choice for illuminating walkways, steps, and entrance ways. This ensures staff and visitors can safely navigate through the property avoiding otherwise unseen obstacles.

Illuminating the public and private areas of a property allow your staff peace of mind when leaving your facility at night, or using designated smoking areas on the property.

Light defines textures, shapes and structures while evoking a wide range of positive emotional responses. A good lighting design can create moods that are soft and subtle or dynamic and dramatic. It can highlight features of the structure and property, while maintaining a cohesive scene.

What Landscape Lighting Techniques do we use?

To create interesting shadows on walls. Visual interest is achieved by casting light onto an object or plant in front of a wall or structure. The techniques we use include:

  • Uplighting
  • Moon Lighting & Down Lighting
  • Cross Lighting
  • Niche & Deck Lighting
  • Step Lighting
  • Path & Area Lighting
  • Grazing
  • Silhouetting
  • Wall Washing & Architectural Lighting
  • Back Lighting
  • Shadowing

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