Landscape Ice Management

Melting your troubles away, so your business can thrive.

OGS is a full-service property maintenance company. This means we can tackle every commercial property need your business requires. We offer optimal ice management for your property, putting your mind at ease that your staff and visitors are safe.

Being a business, we know that customers, staff and guests that visit your property are the most important thing, and we want to keep everyone as safe as possible at all times. We are determined to prevent dangerous ice conditions, such as black ice and large icicle formations, from presenting themselves on your property.
Preventing ice buildup on your property is not easy. Our trained technical staff have the abilities to monitor and keep everything on point.

What to expect from our Ice Management and Maintenance:

  • Equipment Calibration
    We calibrate our equipment on a regular basis, monitoring your grounds temperature to assure we don’t over salt.
  • GPS Equipment/Vehicle Monitoring
    All of our equipment and vehicles are GPS tracked so we know where they are and how fast they can get to you, whenever requested.
  • On Call Staff
    We will always be ready to go when you request our services.
  • Weather Monitoring
    To minimize the need of calling us yourself, we are continuously monitoring weather and data in your area to assure we are up to date with ice and snow weather and any issues that may present themselves.

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