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OGS is a full-service property maintenance company. This means we can tackle every residential property need you and your family require. We offer the best mulching service to suit your needs.

When the aesthetics and health of your yard is in danger, the culprit is most likely weeds.They destroy anything in their path from your lawn to your gardens, and that’s what we are here for. Our staff is highly trained to let you know when and where mulch is most needed and provide you with a high quality product with proven results that leave you satisfied.

Why is mulch so important?

It’s simple. We block all nutrients from reaching the weeds, by applying a thick bed of mulch on top of your soil. Your weeds won’t continue to grow due to lack of sunshine and water and you will no longer have to continuously pull them out.

Examples of mulch include:

  • Stones/Gravel
  • Wood/Bark Chips
  • Grass clippings
  • Straw
  • Plastic

The advantages of mulch

Both organic and inorganic mulch materials have their benefits. While mulch is well known for the prevention of weeds and eliminating them from your lawn and garden beds, there are other advantages as well.

Our Mulch Service includes but is not limited to:

  • Soil temperature regulation
  • Increasing soil nutrients
  • Efficient water consumption
  • Preventing erosion
  • Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing space

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