Cutting back your plants, to let your landscaping shine through.

OGS is a full-service yard and property maintenance company. This means we can tackle every residential property need you and your family require. We offer excellent pruning of your overgrown plants, keeping them healthy and strong during their thriving seasons.

Pruning is more than just removing dead growth. It provides a fresh feel to your yard that both you and your plants will enjoy. When it comes to looking its best, well groomed plants in your gardens is key.

Tree, Shrub, and Bush Pruning

Pruning is not only for aesthetics. Our landscaping experts will provide trimming and pruning to all plants that need to be refreshed, increasing their lifespan and making it easier for them to stand up to harsh weather conditions. The purpose of trimming and pruning your plants is vital to the well being of your lawn and gardens surrounding them as well.

The benefits of pruning include:

  • Aesthetics
  • Resistance to disease
  • Encouraging growth
  • More sun exposure
  • Healthy and stronger foliage

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