Do you wonder if Smart Sprinklers really do benefit your lawn and save you money?

We have the answer you are looking for… and the¬†answer is YES!

To give you a bit of an insight, take a look at this Infographic showcasing where your water goes when you nourish your lawn and plants:

smart irrigation

This Infographic shows how Smart Irrigation Services work, how it saves water, eliminates waste and excess use, and how the smart system waters only the precise amount a lawn, garden or landscape needs to stay healthy.

Just like ETwater, Green Turf Irrigation Systems provide an advanced technology solution that helps consumers and businesses deal with restrictions, and the need to conserve water.

There is no doubt that we can help you with your irrigation system, but why is it so important to have one?

beautiful lawn

It’s summer time and we know you don’t want to spend time caring for your property. You want to be at the cottage or at the beach, camping or RVing your way across the country. You want to be spending time with your Family and Friends, not worrying about how your lawn looks back home.

With our specialized controllers and sensors, your Smart Sprinklers collect all the data needed and does the work for you!

You no longer have to guess when your lawn and gardens need watering. Your system will avoid over watering by monitoring temperature, calculating water evaporation in your soil, and will properly provide water as your property requires the nourishment.

With today’s amazing technology, your Smart Sprinklers know exactly when, and when not, to nourish your lawn, taking the guess work out of it and producing lush green grass you’ve always dreamed of!


But HOW do Smart Sprinklers save YOU money?

It’s simple really…

Once you have a proper irrigation system installed and obtaining the data necessary to run as efficiently as possible, it does just that.

Because your Smart Sprinklers know exactly when it needs to get to work, the system doesn’t over water, doesn’t use energy when it doesn’t need to – like if it rains, and maintains a schedule which uses less power than if you were to do all the work yourself, changing the watering patterns.

Smart Sprinkler systems can reduce water consumption up to 50%!

Your system only nourishes your lawn when necessary. It knows the best times of day and the correct amount needed. This saves you huge on your water bill, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!

It’s better than standing outside every morning and night wasting your time and your water, guessing how to make your lawn look it’s best.

Installing an irrigation system that looks after your property while you are away on vacation or you are simply doing the things you enjoy will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of.

Saving your time and your money, Smart Sprinklers are a great investment for any stage of your life. Enhancing your curb appeal gives you one up on your neighbours as well!

For more information on how we can help you save water and money, visit our service page!