Always 100% Free Estimates

We will always visit each and every site for landscape maintenance, snow maintenance, irrigation systems, lighting systems and so on, in order to fully realize your needs and avoid costly mistakes. We want to make sure all involved in the process have a complete and clear understanding of budget and your goals so that we can succeed at meeting both and any possibility of headaches down the road are avoided. We love long term relationships and always want to start out on the right path. OGS will always provide a 100% free estimates for any of our services that we offer.

You can contact us for free estimates for all of our services including:

  • Snow and Ice Maintenance Services
  • Landscape Maintenance Services
  • Irrigation System Installation & Service
  • Landscape Lighting Installation & Service
  • Lawn Restoration Services
  • Landscape Repairs & Enhancements
  • Planting , Sodding & Softscaping
  • Drainage System Services
  • Lawn Care Services

Some of the factors that play a part in our personalized estimating system including the timeframe of the project, team size required, and general work that will need to be completed. This is one of the reasons customers continue to come back to OGS Property Services for our honest and helpful estimating services.

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You can rely on us to design, plan and execute projects of any size or intricacy. Satisfaction is always guaranteed.